Characters with particularly shitty stats only make it to become an adventurer because of some boon they’ve received from this Zodiac. Is it magic that somehow attunes to the less endowed? Is it the gods taking pity on the less fortunate?

After rolling your character, determine if your character qualifies for a boon of birth that helped them to become an adventurer. To qualify, one of these must be true:

  • All stats 9 or less
  • One stat is 6 or less


  • If one stat is a 3, roll twice and choose which result you want.

Each of the following boons is associated with a Zodiac sign. Roll 1d12 on the following table to determine your boon.

Roll d12ZodiacBoon
1Sunturn undead as a cleric or +1 to turn / #HD if cleric
2Moontouch heals 2 hp per level (as “lay on hands”)
3Star+2 to saving throws vs. Spells
4Jester+2 to saving throws vs. Wands
5Roguehide in shadows and move silently as thief or +10% if thief
6Cataphract+1 to all attacks and damage
7Throne+15% to experience earned
8Flames+2 to saving throws vs. Breath
9Keyfind secret doors as an elf or 1 in 3 if elf
10Skull+2 to saving throws vs. Death
11Euryale+2 to saving throws vs. Stone
12RuinA quiet death in a gutter. Roll a new character.

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